Firstly, thank you for stopping by... I'll start by saying Hello

What can I say about who I am and how I work?

Firstly, I'm Tracey and I am a full time photographer and the owner of TMS Photography based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. I'm a horse and dog obsessed camera loving person. I create a mix of portraits from fine art style, all about the action and those elegant portraits. 

Horse and dog photoshoots are natural portraits with just the horse, dog or with the owner as well.  All dogs love playing and chasing after things and this is what I photograph lots of.  Horse portraits I love to capture the phenomenal bond of horse and owner - friends for life!

I do photograph the odd wedding well around 10-15 per year. My wedding portfolio can be viewed at Tracey M Photography


A little bit about me.... I don't have a degree in photography, I am self taught and have been running TMS Photography since 2014.  My interest in photography came about after playing around with my husband's Canon 450D at a Horse Trials Event we were at.  It was my love of horses that got me into Equine Photography and I've simply evolved from there to get to where I am today and I love it.   


What I love & some things I don't

I'm a huge lover of horses and am lucky enough to have an Irish Draught Sports Horse called Ollie.  I really do have more photos of him on my phone than anything else so when I'm not working, I'm riding or walking and maybe taking trips out in our camper van as I love exploring the great outdoors.  I love history and my favourite era is The Tudors and you will find many books on my bookshelf relating to it.  

I have fits of giggles now and again and I am the main chef in our family household.  I love cooking a proper roast and Christmas dinner no-one else in the household can do it.  I hate ironing.. ironing as I need it then it doesn't get creased in my wardrobe!  I do have a fear of snakes but other reptiles I'm fine with.  I have two aged beagles and would love more but not allowed... That's it really!