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Today I share with you the beautiful story between one lovely young lady and her horse John.  I first met Adelle back in May 2012 when I arrived at the livery yard with my new horse where she just happened to work.  At that time, I didn't meet John it was only this year.  I had the pleasure of capturing his final days and what an amazing horse he truly was.  Grab a cuppa and some tissues and read on.....

John - A Tribute

John was saved by a man called Kevin from an Irish slaughterhouse. That day Kevin paid £300 for him, took him home and started having him trained by Andrew Oliver. In 2004 he had a wind operation and this was the first time Adelle got to meet him as she was over Ireland with her dad helping Kevin rehabilitate John by hacking him out. Soon enough he went on to get several placings and a win at Down Royal. During his racing career he won an approximate total of £9000. After his win and seeing as he was now 8 years old, Kevin took the decision to retire him. Adelle's dad found out about this and bought him for Adelle as a surprise 21st birthday present. Adelle told me that John was a bit of a nightmare when he first arrived. She also had the challenge of retraining him as she'd never had to reschool an ex-racehorse before. She told me that he would rear when he didn't understand what was being asked and was very sharp. With the help of friends and a fabulous instructor Adelle and John made great progress, taking about 2 years to get him properly retrained. In the early years we didn't compete much as Adelle had no transport and John could be a little difficult to load. The last 3 years has been on and off riding as Adelle and John were battling John's arthritis. Sadly it had spread badly to all his legs and his neck leaving him needing 3 butes a day. Us horse lovers all know the side effects of bute in large amounts. Adelle saw how uncomfy he was, struggling to graze and hold his weight, she made the hardest decision of her entire life and let him go to Rainbow Bridge with his dignity in tact. The day before, Adelle spent time walking around on him bareback in the sunshine and he was so happy. The morning of Adelle and John's final day was spent feeding him all the carrots, apples and herbal treats he wanted. John was calm throughout and didn't move, bearing in mind he was a needle shy horse. Adelle and her dad were with him as he left them. Adelle described John as her star dressage horse and is what he loved. All the sweat and tears that went into him helped him and her grow into an amazing partnership and he was her horse of a lifetime. He gave his heart and soul to Adelle and she says she will be forever in his debt for the things he helped her get through and achieve.

A fitting tribute to a wonderful horse, galloping high and free....

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Atherstone Hunt - Boxing Day Meet, 2014 A selection of photographs taken at the 2014 Boxing Day meet at Market Bosworth.  A truly magnificent sight to see and my first time going.  One day perhaps I'll take my horse Ollie!  Great seeing a few friends out and about and a small town heaving with hundreds of people.  A great turnout! 


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Hill Top Farm Shoot - December 2014 Something a little different for me, I was invited by a client to attend a shoot near Ashby, Leicestershire.  I've never been to a game shoot before so it was a little out of my comfort zone in terms of photography.  Anyway, I gave it my best shot... friendly people and a bit of festive cheer!  Here are the results:- 

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Christmas Weddings It's that time of year when lots of people choose to get married.  For me, I can't think of a more romantic time of year to get married.  You have mulled wine, log fires, holly and mistletoe, the Christmas tress covered in fairy lights and of course each other to cosy up to quite early on... it is just simply blissful!  I love it!  I said that already didn't I? 

What? I hear you say... well bear with me and I'll explain all.

See as a young girl I always wanted to get married on Christmas Eve.  I love Christmas, love weddings and my fixation and love of Christmas weddings can only be blamed on the film, yes I said film, "A Miracle on 34th Street".  As a young girl I dreamed of a snowy, horse drawn carriage church wedding.  I did get married in winter but it was February (not the 14th) though I have nothing against that, in fact I'd love to photograph a Valentine's wedding.   I merely wanted to avoid a reader assumption :).

So, this week I actually have the opportunity of not second shooting at a Christmas wedding but acting as third shooter :) oh man I could squeeze good ole Mr Nunn and his trusted partner in crime Emma (Dave Nunn Studios).  They've been so good to me in  assisting me in building up my wonderful wedding portfolio and experience!   I've been a wedding videographer since 2009 but it is quite a different skill set to that of being a photographer!  I am still a videographer but I'm utilising all my skills and love of the job and my camera!!! 

Well I have no Christmas wedding images right now but I'll be able to share some soon :).  Please do keep following!!


Thank you mwah xx




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Emma & Ash Hello all,

It's been a busy few days but it's time to update the blog again and add some wonderful equine portraiture.  This particular post belongs to a lovely young lady called Emma and her wonderful horse, Ashley - Our Ashley when competing.  Emma has owned Ash for just over 4 years.

I first met Emma back in June 2012 at a nearby livery yard where I had just moved my horse too.   I wasn't specialising in photography back then.  I was an avid filmmaker of weddings (which I still do).  Anyway,  end of last year I launched my equine lifestyle photoshoots.  During the summer,  I was looking for a volunteer for an idea I had for a lifestyle shoot with horses that was a bit different to the usual.  I opted for glam so nicknamed the photoshoots as 'Divas with Horses'.  Us girls with horses, we know how to glam up when the occasion arises!  Emma was kind enough to volunteer herself and Ash for the challenge.  The challenge was for Emma's feet not to get trodden on by a fidgeting Ash in her party heels!  We succeeded, Emma's feet were just fine! The Photoshoot well that was a blast on a very warm day! 

A Little bit About Ashley

Ashley is sired by King's Theatre who is sired out of Sadler's Wells. He was bred by Martin Lightbody and trained by Heather Dalton as a youngster into the world of racing. As a young racehorse, Ash ran 3 times under rules, once over hurdles and twice over national hunt fences as a 4 and 5 year old. His best results were 7th, so as he didn't have the makings of a top placed racehorse he didn't make the grade for racing so his racing career was ended early.

King's Theatre was an Irish bred Thoroughbred bred by Michael Poland who's racing career span from July 1993 to June 1996. He is most famous for winning the King George VI and the Queen Elizabeth Stakes Cup in 1994. He made a successful Stallion at Stud, siring some great progeny who had good race careers both flat and jumping.

​Wow, Our Ashley has a quite a famous father then, just poor Ash wasn't unfortunately cut out for  a career in racing.  He does however make a good event horse as he is fast against the clock over XC.  Emma has spent the last four years in retraining him from an ex-racer to the horse he is today.  Retraining racehorses is not easy, it takes a lot of time, patience and commitment.  These days, Emma competes Ashley at BE100 getting placed too on most of those occasions.   Ash also competes regularly in dressage at Elementary Level and is again regularly placed in his outings.  I asked Emma how old Ash was and she told me that he would be 11 next May.  Long term goals for Emma and Ash? Emma hopes to compete him next season at BE Novice level... so with that in mind,  Chatsworth Horse Trials may just be on the cards in the near future - it's a great event and one that is virtually on our doorstep!  My aim was to capture the bond between Emma and Ash.  I believe I did and so much more.  That is the essence of my storytelling with imagery.  I can't ever imagine an Ash without Emma and likewise.

Go Emma and Ash and I wish you every success for 2015 onwards!!

Without further ado... lets see the photos!!

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BLACK FRIDAY DEAL BLACK FRIDAY DEAL.... An exciting offer not to be missed.  First 5 people to book a photoshoot priced at £75.00 gets £10.00 off the usual price and an extra free print!  Limited offer... until 30th November 2014. Please contact me for details (full payment required in full at time of booking.  There may be additional travel expenses applicable if travelling some way.  These are charged at £0.45p per mile in excess of 25 miles........#BLACKFRIDAY




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A Quaint Little Peak District Village Hi there

Welcome back to my blog... I was having a tidy up on my mac as I was running out of disk space, I had completely forgotten about these few photos I took on a summer jaunt yet somewhat unexpected... I'd been to an appointment in Ashbourne and decided that I'd like to visit a quaint village somewhere nearby and try and get some nice photos.  Where did I end up? Tissington, well known for it's gated entrance and well dressings.  I had missed the well dressings but the weather was very nice so I took advantage of that as I wandered around with my camera.  

The village of Tissington is home to Lord and Lady Fitzherbert who reside at the gorgeous Tissington Hall, a Jacobean manor house set in a 2000 acre estate.  The village itself is just lovely to walk around with plenty of public footpaths to explore. You can park and cycle, walk, go pony trekking on the Tissington Trail nearby.   There really isn't much I can say other than to visit the old house Sweet parlour situated on Chapel Lane, you will not be disappointed. Lastly, how could I forget, the ducks are very friendly! 

Here is a small collection of the photos taken in the couple of hours I spent in Tissington. Hope you like them.

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A Day Out at Ilam Park, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

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Welcome Hi and welcome to my new website and blog.  My name is Tracey, I'm married to Barry and we have two grown up children, Samantha and Aidan, two beagles, Alfie and Monty and a horse called Ollie.  I'm based in Derbyshire  and love taking photos of animals particularly dogs and horses.  What I pretty much specialise in to be honest.  I do a lot of second shooting at weddings helping out the main photographer.  I love it when I get to go to a wedding.....  

My blog is under presently under construction, so please bear with me and I will share lots of interesting things about what I've been up to with my camera.  Lots to tell and share with beautiful images too that will hopefully make you smile :).

Many thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to sharing lots of things very soon! 


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